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Dakota Timm


the story so far…

Dakota Timm is one of those guys – entrepreneurial-drive ever since he was a kid. When some kids were busy watching Life of Ryan on MTV, he was busy cutting up skateboards, making his own mini-boards, and selling them for a profit by the time he was in middle school. Add to that a successful clothing brand (CapeSquad) he launched in high school and a protein coffee that got him a meeting with the CEO of Massimo Zanetti- North America, and the story culminates with Dakota finding more success in business by the time he hit his teen years than many do in their whole lives.

Natural? Sure. But no one can say he hasn’t worked at it. Dakota Timm is drawn to the art of creativity. He’s an idea machine, cranking out any number of “the next big things” before the day is done and he is always ahead of the trends. But it’s his keen awareness on the importance of developing his analytical side – something instilled in him by his family – that’s really helped him to stand out amongst the pack.