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About Dakota Timm

About Dakota

Dakota Timm is a creator by heart -“I love designing and creating – I’m constantly inspired.” But the truth is, you can’t be an entrepreneur if you don’t understand the numbers. And it’s that awareness that has led me on this journey.” This journey, Dakota speaks of, is one that currently finds him set to graduate from William and Mary’s Raymond A. Mason School of Business with a Master of Business Administration and Masters in Accounting in December of 2020.

It’s been a wild ride, with his undergrad earned from the University of Alabama where he received his B.S. in Operation Management. Dakota has enjoyed honing his finance skills along the way, and recently he worked as a Hotel’s Broker Intern at (CBRE) CB Richard Ellis where he honed his real estate skills – something else he’s taken a passion to over the past few years.

Throughout his time in college, Dakota worked for the Virginia Beach Economic Development as a Business Development Intern and as a Project Manager Intern for Goldkey/PHR-Hotels and Resorts. His main interest is in the process of developing commercial real estate properties but he has also interned with operations of Goldkey/PHR-Hotels and Resorts in the past as well.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Dakota Timm loves a good adventure. He’s a huge fan of surfing, spearfishing, diving, and pretty much anything that involves hanging out by the water. An avid traveler, Dakota has been to 20+ countries to find the next exciting thing that waits around the corner.