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Whether you’re looking to purchase your dream home or are an investor looking for your next deal, there are many helpful real estate apps out there to assist you. Identifying what your needs are and finding an app that fits them is your best chance of having success. Here are some of the most used apps that you may want to look into getting.


Anyone that deals with real estate knows about this handy app. Zillow tends to be one of the most updated apps that provides you with new listings, price drops, and other relevant information in real-time. You can set up a profile on Zillow so that you can enjoy getting notifications about the listings in your area. There are a ton of informative blog posts that can teach you things like financing terminology and how to pick the perfect home inspector. Additionally, you can look up the perceived value of any home with the Zillow house valuation tool.


The Realtor app is another popular favorite among real estate investors. This application provides many of the same features as Zillow does in a different layout. One really cool feature of Realtor is that you can easily see the home prices of every house in a specific area. Let’s say you’re looking at a home on Main Street. You can click on the map and see what the prices of the other homes on Main Street are. This can assist you in determining if the listing price for the home you want is within a reasonable range for the specific area.


When it comes to finding commercial real estate, it can be harder than you think. Traditional applications that are used for homes, such as Zillow and Realtor, tend to omit commercial properties from their listings. LoopNet is helping to fill the gap by providing only commercial listings. This way, you can limit your searches to only commercial-sized properties without having to weed through homes. This can be a big advantage for investors who want to step up to the five-plus unit buildings.

Real estate is an evergreen industry that we all come into contact with from time to time. Whether you’re buying your first home or are looking to invest in your first rental property, using real estate apps can greatly assist you. The above applications are the most popularly used ones that you should download today.